Winamp on Windows 8

For some people, Winamp has been there forever as their one and only audio (at first) and video player (since version 3, if I’m not mistaken) so, despite all the drawbacks of this product, they’ll keep using after moving to Windows 8 as well. Anyway, some people already used it on Windows 8’s consumer preview releases and it seems Winamp already runs like a charm on this new operating system. Even more, since Winamp offers excellent integration with Windows 7, I have no doubt it will provide a solid media experience on Windows 8 as soon as Microsoft’s future operating system hits the shelves.

These being said, I think there’s only one thing left to do – take a quick tour of this program’s features and strong/weak parts, as I see them. As usual, if your opinion is different, I strongly advise you to step forward and drop a comment – as long as it’s not spam or dirty language, it’s going to be my pleasure to read it and, if needed, reply.

Winamp Features

– Wireless/USB desktop sync with its Android version
– iTunes Library import capabilities
– Support for multi-channel MP3 surround
– Toolbar-based control of the player from within your browser
– Extended Flash video support
– Fully customizable replay gain features
– Automatic tagging of your audio files
– Winamp Orgler for tracking, charting and sharing your listening history
– Multilanguage support
– Much more…


Since 2010, Winamp offers an Android version that can sync with your desktop version of the application over USB or WiFi. When it comes to spicing up your music player, Winamp is a really good choice, since a lot of skins and plugins are available for it. Best part of it all? If the standard version seems much more than you or your computer need/can take, there’s a lite edition available as well. Pheeew… so I guess Winamp doesn’t deserve to die, at least not yet… :)


Since AOL took Winamp under its wings, the program’s setup package got full of junk, not to mention the stuff that was there before – that useless Winamp Agent, the Winamp Toolbar or the offer to set AOL Search as your default search engine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here, since the installer also recommends you to install Registry Mechanic…

What started once as a straightforward audio player is now a fully-featured media center with a lot of features that virtually nobody will use, making it a really bad choice for old computer, due to its increased system resources usage.

While some may say this is not a negative part, I think that having better competitors that offer for free more than you do for a price (I really pity those who waste money on Winamp Pro) is a bad thing. For you and your product, of course.

Oh, yeah, I could say that Winamp’s default interface is also rather cluttered and confusing, but it could be only a matter of personal taste. What do you think?

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