Release and Renew an IP Address in Windows 8

About Releasing and Renewing an IP Address in Windows 8

Releasing and renewing dynamic IP addresses is a concept of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. Releasing and renewing IP addresses means to replace the currently assigned dynamic IP address by obtaining a new one for the DHCP client computer.

When DHCP server assigns an address to a client computer for the first time, it provides the IP address for specific time, technically known as ‘lease duration’. As soon as 50% of the time of lease duration lapses, the client computer automatically sends a request to the DHCP server to renew assigned IP address.

However, in some organizations administrators might want to change their existing IP address scheme assigned by a DHCP server. In such cases, administrators must renew the previous IP addresses assigned to the client computers. To achieve this task, administrators must first release the current IP address using a command. Once this is done, another command must be executed to get a new IP address.

Releasing and Renewing an IP Address in Windows 8

To release and renew an IP address in Microsoft Windows 8 computer, follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with the account that has elevated privileges.
  2. Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go to the desktop.
  3. Once on the desktop screen, hover mouse to the bottom right corner of the window.
  4. From the displayed options, click Search.
  5. On Search pane in the right, make sure that Apps category is selected.
  6. In the Apps field, type CMD.
  7. From the displayed result on the Apps window, right-click Command Prompt.
  8. From the displayed advanced options at the bottom of the window, click Run as administrator.
  9. On the displayed User Account Control confirmation box, click Yes to provide the consent to open the command prompt window.
  10. On the opened command prompt window, type IPCONFIG /RELEASE command and press Enter key to release the currently assigned IP address.

    Release and Renew an IP Address

  11. In the same command prompt window, type IPCONFIG /RENEW command to obtain the dynamic IP address automatically from the DHCP server.
  12. Once obtained, press Enter key.
  13. Close command prompt window when done.
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