Puran Utilities on Windows 8

Keeping your computer clean is not as easy as it seems – you definitely need more than some regular dust cleaning kit, because the big mess is always inside the hard drive, not inside the case… Sure, you can always get some Linux distro to install and just forget about cleaning your registry, defragmenting your drives and other similar tasks, but we’re in Windows 8 free downloads land here, right?

Puran Utilities system suite

Puran Utilities 1.0.3

Windows 8 arrived in quite a few flavors, but one thing remains the same, no matter what version you may be using – software suites like Puran Utilities are not yet useless. To have such a suite for free, that’s even more than just good – it’s awesome, so let’s get a closer look at it right now!

Puran Utilities Features

– Cleans temporary or potentially unwanted files (MRUs)
– Allows you to easily uninstall programs
– File splitter utility
– Data recovery capabilities
– Helps you clean, defrag and compact your registry
– Offers startup programs management, as well as the ability to enable/disable Windows services as needed
– Drive wiper able to perform 1, 3 or 7 data overwrite passes
– Shutdown timer utility
– Batch Fix and Maintenance Wizard for turning computer maintenance and troubleshooting into a “click and go” thing
– Puran Defrag disk defragmentation tool also included!
– Even more… much more!


Puran Utilities is a great system maintenance and troubleshooting suite that comes for free, looks pretty good and offers a lot of useful tools, also available for download as individual programs, so if you only need to work on your registry, for example, you don’t have to download the whole thing.


A lot of tools from this package are too close to the basics (for example, the disk wiping utility) and I can’t say I am a fan of Puran Utilities’ interface. Other than all the above… I guess you’ll have to try out for yourselves and let us know what you think! 😉

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