Google Chrome on Windows 8

Over 4 years old already, Google Chrome managed to grab a serious share of the notorious Internet browsers market. While a lot of people use it as a secondary browser or the primary one, but still together with a few others on the job, I can’t deny the fact that this piece of code already managed to reach an impressive level of popularity much faster than expected. On the other hand, we should keep in mind that the “Google” brand can’t guarantee success of a project, so let’s move on and take a quick look at “world’s fastest and most secure browser” (that’s what they all say, no matter if it’s about Firefox, Opera or Chrome…) right now!

While Chrome is already fully compatible with Windows 8’s early versions, it’s also great to know that you can have it on your Android device, Linux computer or even on your Mac, not to mention its support for over 50 languages or the fact that, when talking about older hardware that barely manages to run Windows XP SP2, Chrome shines where the ones like Firefox or Opera seem to fail. Anyway, this is not a full software review, so let’s take a quick look at that features list now, shall we?

Google Chrome Features

– Excellent multilanguage support – over 50 languages and counting…
– Task manager for websites – each tab gets its own process, so a crashing site won’t bring your entire browser down
– Really fast and very easy to use
– Visual browser history tool
– Quickly reopen sites closed by mistake (what could be more natural than Ctrl+Z for this?)
– Pinned tabs
– Great developer tools feature (just press Ctrl+Shift+I to bring it up)
– Bookmarks, autofills and extensions sync to your Google account
– Text-only copy-paste capability (Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V when you need to copy page contents from Chrome, but only need the text part)
– Rich collection of skins and plugins available
– Much more…


Google Chrome’s legendary speed, ease of use and the excellent syn capabilities make it one of the best choices around, not even mentioning its multilanguage support or the pretty large amount of addons available…


I don’t think Chrome is secure (AND private!) enough, since there are plenty of spin-offs around that claim to make your Web browsing experience safer and as personal as it should be. Well, it comes from Google, after all, so… take it as it is or find something better, if you can! 😉

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