Enable Filter Keys in Microsoft Windows 8

About Filter Keys

In Windows 8, Filter Keys is a feature which when enabled, Windows stops recognizing the repeated slow keystrokes. For example, normally if a physically challenged person has pressed ‘F’ key for a longer duration, as per the default Windows 8 configuration, the letter ‘F’ would be typed multiple times in the text editor. On the other hand, if the same user has pressed ‘F’ for a longer duration after enabling Filter Keys, Windows 8 would not recognize it as multiple keystrokes and therefore it will type the letter ‘F’ just once in the text editor.

Apart from physically challenged people, Filter Keys is also helpful for old persons who find it difficult to press and release the keys on the keyboard as fast as normal people do. Such people can easily use the keyboard after enabling Filter Keys, and can use the text editors quite efficiently while creating text documents, or even while typing e-mails.

Filter Keys is a user specific feature which does not require any elevated privileges or administrative interaction while enabling. However, the downside of the feature is that it must be enabled for all user accounts of the computer individually and separately. Filter Keys can also be turned on when right Shift key is pressed continuously for 8 seconds.

Enabling Filter Keys

To enable Filter Keys in Windows 8, users must follow the steps given as below:

  1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with any user account on which Filter Keys are to be enabled.
  2. Click Desktop tile from the Start screen.
  3. On the desktop screen, right-click anywhere.
  4. From the displayed context menu, click Personalize.
  5. On the Personalization window, from the bottom of the left pane, click Ease of Access Center.
  6. On Ease of Access Center window, under Explore all settings section, click Make the keyboard easier to use.
  7. On the Make the keyboard easier to use window, under the Make it easier to type section, check Turn on Filter Keys checkbox.

    Enable Filter Keys

  8. Click OK to apply the modified settings.
  9. When done, close Ease of Access Center window.

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