Automatically Change Desktop Wallpapers in Microsoft Windows 8

About Automatic Wallpaper Cycling

Microsoft Windows 8 allows users to configure the operating system in a way that it automatically cycles the desktop wallpapers after a specific time interval. The time interval can be specified by the users while configuring automatic wallpaper cycling. By default automatic wallpaper changing feature is disabled in Windows 8. The reason behind this is that just one background wallpaper is set as default. In order to enable automatic wallpaper changing feature, users must select multiple wallpaper images that are already available in Windows 8. Users can also import their own images from any external media in case they want to use them as their desktop wallpapers. Once multiple images are selected, users can then specify the time interval after which the selected wallpapers will keep changing automatically.

Feature of automatic wallpaper changing is user specific and no elevated privileges are required to enable the feature. Moreover, this built-in feature also eliminates the requirement of installing any third-party resource intensive application that is precisely downloaded and installed to change desktop wallpapers automatically.

Changing the Desktop Wallpapers Automatically

To change the desktop wallpapers automatically in Microsoft Windows 8, users must follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with the user account on which automatic wallpaper changing feature is to be enabled.
  2. On the Start window, click Desktop icon to go to the desktop screen.
  3. Once on the desktop, right-click anywhere and from the context menu click Personalize.
  4. On the Personalization window, click Desktop Background from the bottom.
  5. On the Desktop Background window, select multiple background images by checking the checkboxes that are displayed at the top left corner of each image when mouse is hovered on them.
  6. Once multiple images are selected, choose the desired time interval for image cycling from the Change picture every drop-down list.
  7. Once done, click Save changes button to enable automatic wallpaper changing feature with the selected images.

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