Advanced Defrag on Windows 8

I won’t tell you why your hard drive(s) need to be defragmented. It’s just something that needs to be done, at least once a month, no matter if you’re using your computer only during weekends to do some online gambling, check your Facebook and talk with your friends in Asia using Skype. As usual, Microsoft provides such a tool with Windows but, also just as expected, there are plenty of better ones available out there, some of them completely free to download and use…

… but, unfortunately, Advanced Defrag can only be tested for a week, then you’ll have to buy a license. Anyway, downloading and testing it is free, so here we have it, ready to rock & roll your hard drive! 😉

Advanced Defrag Features

– Quick & thorough analysis and defragmentation of your disks
– Scheduled tasks and automatic updates
– Support for defragmentation of external USB devices
– Real-time defragmentation capabilities
– Cleans the registry & deletes junk files
– Detailed reports
– 24/7 technical support
– Even more…


Advanced Defrag offers more than the average disk defragmenter, using it is really easy, it looks great and its price is decent.


Unfortunately, the free trial version only claims to be fully featured, because it can work on your C: drive alone. While defragmenting my drive, I noticed a rather high system load and I also had to face some crashes each time I tried to enable the Real-time defragmentation feature (please note that I played with it on my old Windows XP computer, the fact that it works properly on Windows 8 was tested on a buddy’s laptop, no crashes there).

At last, you should also keep in mind that the website of this program seems severely outdated here and there, so the product itself may not get updated as it should – but let’s hope the programmers are doing a better job than the one(s) in charge of! 😉

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