Add Sticky Notes App to Desktop in Microsoft Windows 8

About Adding Sticky Notes App

Unlike Microsoft Windows 7 where Sticky Notes was integrated in the operating system as a gadget, in Microsoft Windows 8 it is available as an app and can be found in the Apps window that can be initiated by clicking Search option that is displayed when mouse is hovered to the bottom right or top right corner of the screen.

Sticky Notes is a small program which, when initiated, this placed on the desktop screen and allows users to jot down small notes or To-Dos in order to make sure that the important tasks are done on time. Users can add as many instances of Sticky Notes as they want by clicking + sign that is available at the top of each instance of Sticky Notes program.

Sticky Notes does not allow users to beautify the texts as it does not have any tools for formatting. Users can directly start typing the important notes just by clicking anywhere inside the Sticky Notes.

Although each instance of Sticky Notes is by default placed at the right side on the desktop screen when initiated, because of its floating characteristic it can be moved anywhere on the desktop as per users’ individual conveniences and choices.

Adding Sticky Notes App

To add Sticky Notes app to the desktop screen in Windows 8, users must follow the steps given as below:

  1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with the any user account on which Sticky Notes is to be added to the desktop.
  2. Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to view the desktop.
  3. On the desktop screen, hover mouse to the bottom right corner of the window.
  4. From the displayed options, click Search.
  5. On the opened Search pane, make sure that the Apps category is selected.
  6. In the available field, type Sticky Notes and press Enter to place it on the desktop.
  7. To start typing, click inside the sticky note.

    Add Sticky Notes App

Note: Another instance of sticky notes can also be added by clicking plus sign (+) on the top left corner of an opened sticky notes app.

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